Respireo Soft

Respireo Soft is a high-quality mask for the very youngest. The target users are children from 3-12 kg. It is made of soft medical silicone. The mask is easily adjusted to minimize leakage and pressure on the user’s face.


All features are designed to work with the various characteristics of an infant, such as a prominent brow, undefined nasal bridge and a growing and fragile bone structure. The mask can easily be modified (adapting the forehead support), and fits well also on demanding face shapes.


The soft and comfortable cushion provides both air density and minimal pressure to the face. The 5 head straps keep the mask stable even at higher pressure and when the child moves around. The ball joint can be moved in any direction (360 degrees as well as up/down). Respireo also has an integrated port for supplying oxygen and measuring pressure.


The mask is available in the following sizes: Baby (XS and S) and Child. Comes complete with head strap. Head straps can be ordered separately. Respireo Soft is available in both ventilated and non-vented versions.

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