The “Purple Stirrup” has arrived!

The Kyra Comfort 350/500 leg support is now available in Scandinavia!

Why choose Kyra “Purple stirrups”?

  • “KYRA COMMENT Stirrup” features curved support rods that eliminate the risk of pinch injuries that may occur with the use of traditional stirrups.
  • Better infection control with KYRA SECURE-LOK™, as an alternative to traditional Velcro.
  • Improved access to lithotomy position. “Purple Stirrups” provides a wide range of motion from +85˚ to -55˚.
  • The unique patent pending design provides 22˚ more lithotomy range of motion than traditional stirrups.
  • Kyra Medical’s unique design allows for 50 % more padding.
  • Kyra’s pad protects the medial and lateral aspect of the ankle.

For more information, contact us:
E-mail: meditek@meditek.no
Phone: + 47 380 98 900