Nonny CPAP Mask

The target audience for the Nonny mask consists of children from approx. 10 kg and up. The mask is supplied in the ventilated version.


Adjustable forehead support that stabilizes the mask against the child’s face.

Cushion and Head Strap

Soft and comfortable cushion provides good air density. The head strap is also soft, comfortable and breathes against the skin. Easy to fasten and loosen with clips or Velcro.


The Nonny mask comes complete with a head strap and two cushions in each pack. We have two packs:

  • Small Contains cushions in sizes S and M
  • Large Contains cushions in sizes L and XS. (XS is actually bigger than L. Think of it as an XS for adults.)


For more information, contact us:
E-mail: meditek@meditek.no
Phone: + 47 380 98 900