Lighting without compromise is essential wherever demands on viewing are highest. Be it in general or dermatological practice, in ENT or gynaecology, in highly sensitive stations such as neonatology or intensive care: the VISIANO 20-2 is a true multi-talent. Due to its unique design, state-of-the-art lighting technology and highest light quality, it provides perfect examination conditions.


  • Highest lighting quality
    Due to a concave light set design, diamond optics and premium LEDs, homogeneous light and high brightness, low shading and excellent colour rendering (CRI> 95, R13> 93)
  • Long working life, safe and economical
    Low power consumption, built-in converter, maintenance-free design, high quality aluminum arm system and durable friction joints
  • Maximum range and ergonomics
    360° rotation of armature head, long arm range
  • Four dimming levels
    Repeatable brightness, also as indirect ambient lighting in sensitive areas
  • Approved security
    Medical devices in accordance with IEC 60601, unique in this class

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